Designers Bring Their Sketchbooks. We Bring the Glass.

  • Yves Behar Miami 2008

    Yves B√©har, designer of One Laptop Per Child’s XO laptop and Jawbone bluetooth headsets, designed in the hot glass studio when GlassLab touched down at Art Basel / Design Miami.

  • Miami 2008

    Glasslab morphs its physical presence according to adapt to its environment. This caption is superlong. It goes on and on, starting with the history of glass. It lists every glass artist known to modern scholars and details every known piece that they've made. The research project includes items in private collections and publicly owned collections.

  • Massimo Vignelli

    Designer Massimo Vignelli (right) participated in GlassLab’s appearance at the Cooper Hewitt Museum.

GlassLab provides designers with rare access to explore concepts in glass. In public "design performances" or private workshops, designers and glassmakers collaborate, rapidly prototyping design concepts and using the immediacy of hot glass as a catalyst for innovation. Using a mobile hot glass studio, GlassLab sessions have taken place in public design venues like Design Miami / Art Basel Miami and Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, offering audiences a live, authentic glimpse of the design and glassmaking processes, while allowing designers to explore the material of glass in a way that few have access to.

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Half-Day Design Workshops

Boisbuchet workshop

Offered for private groups, at The Corning Museum of Glass and select locations around the world. Contact The Corning Museum of Glass for more details.

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